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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photos of Majestic Mt. Apo

Mount Apo , active volcano, 9,690 ft (2,953 m) high, on S Mindanao island, the Philippines. It is the highest peak of the islands. Mt. Apo has a snowcapped appearance but is actually covered with white sulfur. Mt. Apo National Park (281 sq mi/728 sq km; est. 1936) is there.

Mountaineering, or mountain hiking, is a popular choice for adventure tourism. The challenging climb, the view of trees and wildlife, the fresh mountain air - all of these contribute to the fun and relaxation that mountaineering has to offer. However, the most important part of any mountaineering adventure tourism experience is the experience of seeing the world from the top, a feeling that gives one a pervading sense of success, and some realizations that may not occur anywhere else.

Welcome to Mount Apo, the tallest peak in the Philippine Islands, resting in the middle of the Mindanao, the land of promise. Rising for thousands of feet from sea level, it is widely known as the main natural structure that shields Davao City from otherwise life-threatening typhoons.

Amid a cloud-covered canopy, Apo has the richness of flora and fauna that is unique from all other mountains in the world. It shelters the world-famous Philippine Eagle, formerly known as the Monkey-Eating Eagle, now endangered and has found its fitting sanctuary is one of the most unreachable places in the world.

Unlike other barren, snow-covered mountains which have little else to show, Mount Apo has wonders that make it the perfect getaway not just for seasoned mountaineers but also those who are new to the sport. While on the way up and on the way down, one will also encounter the Malasita Falls and Kisinte Hot Springs, which can relieve any weary adventurer and make him appreciate not just the beauty of nature, but also realize the beauty life itself.

All does not end when one reaches the peak. With a legendary view of the Island of Mindanao, the hiker will see the magnificence in its utmost form. With a little knowledge of local history, seeing that this beautiful place is in the middle of an economically-depressed land, one will realize his blessedness in the grand scheme of things. One will better appreciate what he has in life, after seeing a snapshot of reality, on top of Mount Apo.

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